Solid change management will help you survive, but great change leadership will ensure you thrive!

Who are we?

The Change Executive is a company dedicated to helping organisations and people thrive in times of change.

What do we do?

We offer advisory, coaching and learning services, that are co-designed with you. Developed to suit your unique people, process or performance challenges, as well as your context.

Why work with us?

We believe in you, and your success.  Our focus is on building confidence, through sharing our 30 years international experience leading and supporting change, and having fun along the way.

Change can be overwhelming and unpredictable, we know that changes stick when there is clarity, a sense of purpose, acceptance and a genuine commitment to ongoing learning.

Our approach is informed by latest research, practice and tools from neuroscience, growth mindset,  and lean philosophy. This is coupled with a deep understanding of strengths-based motivational value systems.