Karen Simmons

karen-shotFounder and Director of The Change Executive, Karen Simmons has over 25 years’ experience in delivering organisational change, transition and transformation services.

She has worked in diverse and challenging industry environments across Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, successfully leading and implementing transformational change, turnaround and growth programs for medium to large corporate, government, and not-for-profit clients.

Her experience includes organisational restructures, start-ups, program rollouts, business process auditing, international sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and cultural change.

A passionate, entertaining and inspiring leader, facilitator and speaker, Karen challenges business managers and their teams to think differently and work more effectively. She is committed to improving people performance and building leadership confidence to ignite, accelerate and navigate change.


Pasco is a caterpillar that lives for transformation. His biggest dream in life is to become a butterfly.

Over the years, Pasco has observed many changes. He has looked on with interest as his fellow co-caterpillars disappear into a secret office only to re-emerge several months later with new outfits that enable them to perform dynamic and agile maneuvers. Pasco aspires to be just like these other caterpillars one day and can’t wait to be called into the secret office.

In the meantime, and in preparation for his big day, Pasco continues his learning and practices new moves every day. He participates in all manner of workshops, events and courses on change and transformation, and brings his natural positive energy with him wherever he goes. He understands that there is nothing funny about change, but that having a happy, sunny outlook on life will always help in the journey.

Trevor Hattersley

trev-shotFinance Director of The Change Executive, Trevor brings extensive financial accounting experience in the private practice, manufacturing and not-for-profit sectors.

Trevor is an integral part of The Change Executive client team, able to support leaders with financial organisational change. Not your typical accountant, Trevor has a unique style that enables him to see change through customers’ eyes, and bring simplicity to complex financial reporting for multiple programs with multiple stakeholder demands. He also has experience in creating shared-service functions and financial operating models.

Loui Silvestro

loui-portrait-v3Loui Silvestro, creator of ‘Pasco’ The Change Executive Caterpillar, is a highly experienced and innovative illustrator, who performs live illustration at The Change Executive seminars and workshops. Loui creates bespoke client illustrations, delivered in a style to suit their needs. His visual interpretations form an integral part of supporting the change journey through integration into internal communications and learning interventions.

Loui’s talents reach far beyond live workshops; he is able to visually communicate complex ideas of any nature—whether through static image or animations. Check out his personal website for more information: www.louisilvestro.com.au.

Sam Thomas

sam-shotSam is a creative and corporate writer and editor with extensive experience in the private, government, entertainment and publishing sectors. She has written everything from executive summaries to prison procedures; advertising copy to boardroom brochures; press releases to pitches and proposals, as well as short stories and feature articles. She is also experienced in writing and editing scripts, blogs, web copy, speeches and marketing material.

Sam is creative, imaginative, witty and thoughtful and committed to producing high quality work. She is passionate about seeing, hearing and telling great stories; making boring interesting, ordinary extraordinary, and is an advocate for keeping things simple.

Sam works with The Change Executive to interpret customer needs into meaningful messages, whether that is for internal change communications, intranet content or learning journals to accompany The Change Executive workshops.