About Us

Who We Are

A passionate tribe of change navigation experts

We are Change Navigators – a tribe of passionate and diverse change management experts who come from a variety of backgrounds. We share a commitment and enthusiast mindset towards creating the path forward that our clients are looking for.

We believe organisations are
complex, dynamic communities:


Beautiful, messy ecosystems with
interwoven webs of assets, systems,
emotions and capabilities.


Constantly changing, with shifting
operating contexts and needs of those
they serve.


Social tribes with informal and
formal structures, hierarchies,
routines and rituals.

Just like us!

Our shared principles

We learn your language

We don’t spout jargon, models or methodologies that mean more to us than they would to you. We harness your expertise and translate our skills to serve you best. We get to understand how you work - and adapt our service to suit your organisation.

A safe space

No safety – no change. We create the space for shared vulnerability. We build capability, confidence, and success. We work with whole people, not ‘half-truths’. We love our individual differences and nurture them.

In your current reality

We are deeply interested in the now - and we don’t pass judgement or make assumptions. We take time to understand your current reality, then test and learn together. We are clear on the value we can provide and focus on meeting your needs.

Amplify your impact

Small changes have big impacts. We look for ways to 10x our impact on your success. We are always curious and connected to each other - and current global thinking, practices, and challenges in our chosen field of change. We bring others to the table when they are better to serve your needs.

Our People

Alena Novakova


Alena loves taking ownership of projects from start to finish and seeing the benefits that flow from successful change projects. Alena is not one to sit on the sidelines – throwing herself into the thick of it, Alena’s authenticity and warmth build strong, positive connections that foster trust and confidence.

Amy Miszalski


Amy is a coach, facilitator, and consultant specialising in coaching, organisational change, leadership development, and culture.

She is passionate about helping people and organisations going through change in facilitating the next chapters with energy, compassion and flow.

Annie Seymour


Annie loves to help organisations to peer under their hood. With 20 years’ experience as a strategist, writer and change facilitator, Annie supports teams to articulate their ideas, unpick their challenges, and maximise their strengths. By truly listening she guides organisations to solutions that really make a difference.

Bronwyn Sowden


With over 20 years international experience in HR leadership, coaching and business partnering roles, Bronwyn specialises in media, technology, government and retail change facilitation. She is passionate about working with people, teams and organisations to fulfil their potential.

Caroline Wagner


A champion of organisational improvement, change and employee engagement. She is one collaborative executive who shapes business excellence through the facilitation of engaging initiatives. Cultivating positivity despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Chris Gildersleeve


After more than 30 years as a change practitioner working in global businesses, Chris now empowers executives and their teams through coaching and facilitating – using innovation and positive psychology to achieve results. He is also President of the Australian Jazz Convention – leading a team of volunteers to bring the annual event to life.

Claire Schriever


Claire is known for her meticulous attention to detail, her adaptable nature and her inclusive ways of working. As our Production Manager she has the super power to find pragmatic ways to drive projects and a personal motto of ‘Claire always delivers’. She also loves to travel, spend time on the beach or on a ski run.

Doreen Teo


Doreen wants to empower people to do what they love and live a fulfilling and meaningful life. To be of positive impact and inclusive – she gets you to look for similarities to connect and differences to learn.

Emily Halliday


Emily graduated from the UTS with a double degree in Business and Science and has a diverse background in Stakeholder engagement and Corporate partnerships.

Passionate about creating positive workplace experiences, Emily is dedicated to helping The Change Executive team to make a difference in how people experience their workplaces.

Esther De La Cruz


With over 20 years of experience helping organisations across four different countries manage change, Esther has developed a passion for making the complex simple and finding creative – yet strategic ways to humanise change in the workplace.

John Lynch


John is a specialist transition coach, supporting people who are experiencing challenges as they enter new or unexpected phases in their life, career, leadership role or business.

He is committed to improving Psychological Safety in workplaces working with organisations to adopt and implement a compassionate leadership culture.

Karen Simmons


Known for her bold approach, she asks the questions others are afraid to, and sees opportunity for improvement everywhere. It might hurt a little at first, but as they say, “No pain, no gain.”

Kate Blackwell


Using a human-centered approach Kate loves creating engaging workshops that uplift capability and inspire new ways of thinking.

Kate values diversity of thought and experience to create an environment of trust and safety.

On the weekends, she enjoys plenty of walks on the beach with her family and her beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs Stanley and Mavis.

Loui Silvestro


The artist who captures our conversations as they happen. His drawings not only help you remember what was said, they keep the atmosphere (and tongues) relaxed. Keepsakes with a purpose.



She takes her role as head of security, and chief conflict management officer very seriously indeed. Her alternative methods for helping humans’ bond, get creative and collaborative are as unique as she is.



Our friendly, hairy caterpillar who is passionate about change (and secretly, a little afraid too). He’s a natural storyteller and brings natural positive energy with him wherever he goes. He helps humans think differently.

Trevor Hattersley


Our Finance Director, and commercials guy. 27 years based in the Pacific, and worked across every Asian country, helping others to figure out their finances. When he’s not crunching the numbers, he’s munching cheese, sipping wine, and enjoying the beach.

Vanessa Venning


Known as a proactive collaborator, Vanessa adopts an inquiry-based approach to her coaching work – delivering supportive, self-directed change. She uses various methodologies to unlock performance potential, has a passion for whole-brain thinking and neuroscience, and is a certified HBDI practitioner.

Wendy Jocum


Wendy has been in HR, OD, facilitation and coaching for the past 35 years.

Her expertise is in all areas of people development. Wendy supports clients to achieve their potential, improve communication, leadership, wellbeing, emotional intelligence and performance.

We offer Change Management Mentoring to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome complex organisational challenges. We provide support to senior business leaders, change managers and HR professionals to help overcome the big, scary challenges.
We facilitate powerful conversations that shift mindsets and attitudes towards change. Our Complex Organisational Change Consulting unlocks strategies to help you become ‘response-able’ – which is the ability to be agile and receptive – while constantly innovating and evolving to respond to challenges.
Our team provides Coaching to support and foster emerging talent, executive leaders, business owners, and teams. Our approach is based on world renowned brain-based frameworks, which brings neuroscience and leadership techniques together to facilitate change.
We design and facilitate engaging and exciting workshops – both live and virtual. We provide a unique and creative experience that explores difficult issues in a safe, neutral environment. Each member of your team will have their voice.
We build change capability in all levels of your organisation. We curate learning pathways that encourage personal development by tapping into internal strenghts and using world-leading platforms to take you to the next level – to ensure you are keeping up with the pace of change in your industry.

We work with you to observe, listen and engage with your perople – and develop change, transition and communications strategies that are contextualised, fit-for-purpose, and addresses stakeholder concerns and conveys your key messages in a way that will be well received. We care about content and delivery.

Looking for some inspiration? A fresh approach to look at change? Insights to help people embrace change? Our Founder, Karen Simmons is a respected and down-to-earth speaker who has extensive experience addressing large conferences, team workshops and corporate events.

Our Change Room, located in Sydney, is a space where people feel comfortable to speak openly. It is a creative room – because unleashing creativity helps you think differently, and that brings about real change, that comes from the right headspace. It is available for exclusive use, so book for you next workshop.

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Comprehend - the then and now

We riff, play with, and imagine what’s possible for the organisation. We seek to understand its intent, purpose, ambition and future aspirations – and reasons for wanting or needing to change.

We then ground this future into its current context, the reality of the ‘gestalt” – what is the lived experience of the organisation? 

What is its current reality/context? What is the whole that is ‘presenced’? We ask questions, observe, do small projects, research, learn boundaries and listen to stories. We see the organisation, the work it does and the essence of its culture at play.

Connect - the now and then

We represent a comprehensive menu of opportunities for progression towards whatever it is the organisation is seeking to achieve – without judgement, nor favour.

The pathways to improvement are many and varied, not linear. Many can be taken at once, and within the limits of resources available at the time.

We seek to leave the organisation ‘response-able’. With the knowledge, methods and capabilities needed to continue to evolve and change its path creatively and courageously as needed and in step with its ever-changing context.

Create - the then and now

We riff, play with, and imagine what’s possible for the organisation. We seek to understand its intent, purpose, ambition and future aspirations – and reasons for wanting or needing to change.

We then ground this future into its current context, the reality of the ‘gestalt” – what is the lived experience of the organisation? 

What is its current reality/context? What is the whole that is ‘presenced’? We ask questions, observe, do small projects, research, learn boundaries and listen to stories. We see the organisation, the work it does and the essence of its culture at play.

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