change-masterclassLeading the Change: a masterclass for senior leaders. 

There is no doubt that corporations and government departments are getting better at managing change, but it’s often ‘change management’ that is to blame when a change program fails to deliver. The harsh reality is, that despite the amount of support tools on the market today, if they’re in the hands of a poor leader who doesn’t ‘get it’—they won’t work.

Making an initial investment into ensuring all leaders charged with change are in the right frame of mind, have a common understanding of their accountabilities, and are equipped with tools that support them to ignite, accelerate and navigate change, is a strong insurance policy for any organisation.

The Change Executive was recently engaged to lead a Change Masterclass with senior leaders of a government agency based in Victoria, which was undergoing a merger of several silo-based services into a single service provider framework.

Despite the organisation having already invested heavily in change-related training and developing a transformation plan, there was little evidence of tangible changes taking place within the work culture; which was essential to achieving the outcome they were looking for.

The Change Executive worked closely with the program leader and senior leader sponsors to carefully understand their needs, key pain-points, what they’d learnt from other training programs and what strategies they’d already tried.

We requested that all participants took a simple, online Mindset Assessment Profile survey (©Meta-Lucid Ltd) before the workshop. The results of this were taken into consideration, along with the learning they had already invested so heavily in, for the design of a one-day Leading Change Masterclass, which was attended by all senior leaders across the region. The session focused on educating leaders about: The impact of their own mindset on successful change

  • The choices they had to fulfill potential
  • Unpacking the differences between ‘managing’ and ‘leading’
  • Developing a shared statement and commitment around the ‘big opportunity’ presented by the change

During the session, discussions were captured through unique visual metaphors created by our illustrator who, by the end of the day, had produced a bank of 13 unique images that leaders could use in their own internal communications and training.

Post-event (within three days), The Change Executive produced a handout that captured the concepts and education covered in the session, participant inputs into the content, the illustrated images, and further advice and practice suggestions for the group from The Change Executive facilitator.

Senior leaders found the event thought provoking and engaged The Change Executive to run an additional two half-day workshops for 70 frontline leaders, during which the masterclass learnings and outcomes were shared and a focus was given to shifting mindsets to embrace the change.

As a result of our intervention, change was ignited and true transformations are occurring across the organisation. Meetings are more focused on opportunity rather than problems; performance conversations and reviews are focused on leadership capability development, and resistance to the changes has significantly decreased.

What the client says:

You truly have ignited the change now. I can‘t begin to thank you enough for the value you’ve provided in such a short space of time. People are referring to your sessions in every performance review, and there is less focus on the past. We are all eager to move forward. We were lucky to have found you!

The Change Executive undertakes regular reviews with clients to keep the change momentum going and to provide additional ideas, tools and advice to ensure continued learning. Let us help you set your change program up for success.