What’s in a logo?

What does your logo mean? After reading the fascinating and moving book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl, I paused, and pondered on the definition of the word ‘logos’. The ancient Greek word for ‘reason, meaning and logic’. My brain made connections to the word ‘logo’ that we use so frequently in today’s working world, and […]

If you believe its resistance – it will be

In organisational change terms the concept of resistance management has always jarred with me, because it is a fabricated management label that directs action towards making sure employees are compliant. Resistance management In any organisational change situation, when we take a step back, the notion of ‘resistance to change’ comes from a place of unconscious bias, its the […]

The secret to collaboration and innovation – Come as you are

I frequently get asked –  How do I get better at fostering collaboration and innovation in my team? In my opinion, it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you ‘show up’ as a leader. Every human being has the potential within themselves for amazing achievements, the trick is understanding how to tap into that potential. […]